Events of young people

Popular "house parties" never go out of fashion, but teens party in much more interesting way. Either at homes, clubs or while playing outdoor games, incredibly stupid things can be done.

house parties, drinking, sex

Drinking race, unprotected sex, this often with many people at one event, driving while intoxicated - are just some elements of nowadays teenage parties. Despite discussing such issues on television, young people still feel impunity and not feel the need to take care of their own lives. Although it would seem that sex education is already quite satisfactory, every year there is still one thousand teenage pregnancy. It is the ill effect of the actions often taken under the influence of alcohol, of which there is no shortage at the parties. Young people, even without an ID card, do not have problems with obtaining liquor. Many times, next to there are also drugs.

Loud dance till dawn is one of the quieter of ideas for fun. It is certainly a better choice than the game "sun", which shocked public opinion some time ago. Media made huge case out of controversial game in which school girls practiced group sex with their colleagues. Moreover, during one "session" they usually had sex with several partners.

Unfortunately, stupid ideas can affect the entire life of teenagers. Having a child at a young age is, after all, one of the more optimistic option. Car accidents, which happen under the influence of alcohol or drugs may kill or end up on a wheelchair. Racing in drinking can result in serious poisoning and even coma.